God’s Third Day Resurrection Plan For You

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Every man has his third day resurrection.

Abraham offering Issac on the third day. Jonah being vomited up into the place of revival on the third day. Jesus at the wedding converting water into wine on the third day.  Jesus as God conquering death, hell and the grave on the third day.

First the process:
30, 60, 100 fold: A time when you get a little, a time when you get more than enough and a time when you get it all back.
Kingdom, power, glory: A time of entrance into the kingdom, a time of living in its power and a time of knowing his glory
Death, burial, resurrection: First the season of death, then a season of burial then we get to live the resurrected life.

Every thing in life has to go through this tri-fold process, there simply cannot be resurrection without there first being a death. This Resurrection season (I dont like the “easter” word, its pagan) is the manifested time of all things dead and all things hidden. It’s the time when all that was dead in you, now comes into its day. A day of victory over every enemy. In being conquerable you now become the unconquered. In being defeated you become undefeated, in being made a curse you now become a blessing, in being humiliated you now become exalted in Christ.

Leave the grave behind, step out of it, put new clothes on and walk as if your past never existed. In Christ it don’t, and the reason is this. Every day is a third day resurrection. Today is Your Third Day Resurrection!


  1. Dennis Munn Avatar

    It’s great to know that whatever we’re facing, God’s got something better waiting for us! Have a great Easter Sunday, (I still call it that ;), and God bless!

  2. depreachersblog Avatar

    Powerful!I love this post.God bless you

  3. 220lily Avatar

    Easter is NOT a pagan word. It’s a direct Greek translation (pascha) for the Hebrew “Passover.” See Acts 12:4. Every time but one, the Hebrew pecach (Passover) is translated “Passover” (the feast) in the Greek. The exception is Acts 12:4: Easter. http://www.blueletterbible.org/lang/lexicon/lexicon.cfm?Strongs=G3957&t=KJV

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