The most natural thing in the world is connection. Connection to God and man. It comes naturally like drinking and eating, that too is a connection. Connections make us live the bigger life, life without connections is too small. If making connections is tough for you then confront your past hurts, insecurities and rejection. Renounce them and let them go! Then make a deliberate move to make new friends. Without any preconceived agenda. Do it because it’s human!

Without connections one cannot be normal or live the fulfilled life. Like Susan Jeffers states in her book Dare to Connect “there are no strangers, only friends I’ve never met!”


  1. nightshade130 Avatar

    I love the last line Bro Paul. “there are no strangers, only friends Ive never met!. Ain’t that the truth. I also believe in divine connections. Those that are there to help reach your destiny. Some maybe of a season, some for a moment and some for a lifetime. So it’s important to weed out the ones that hinder such connections from coming into being. God Bless you Bro Paul.Sherline 🙂

  2. Pastor Philip Roman Avatar

    I had to tweet your post today! Very needed in this world we live in. If we are to love our neighbor as our self we need to make connections. Neighbors are not strangers, they are love connections!

  3. Dennis Munn Avatar

    Good stuff, Paul! I love it!

  4. Paul Avatar

    The Lord bless you Pastor Dennis, have a fabulous weekend, praying for you my friend.

  5. Paul Avatar

    Pastor Phil youre a Gem. May God use you this weekend in a mighty ways. may he speak through you uncommon things, things the eye has yet to see and the ear man has yet to hear..

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