Whats your other Business?

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Finding work online can be one way of getting an extra income. Maybe you have started a business, part-time or fulltime, off or online.  I would be delighted to see what sort of startups folks have birthed and what kind of business ventures they have found of value. If you have started something or have a great idea please share below. It could help others to connect to you and start-up something new themselves


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  1. changedbyhim0510 Avatar

    It is fairly easy to work for yourself selling merchant processing services (i.e., Visa, MasterCard) to businesses. It’s a very competitive industry and many processors are willing to beat current rates. The residual income keeps coming long after you sign a business up.

  2. Paul Avatar

    My brother where would you start with somethig like that?

  3. Paul Avatar

    Maybe a small list can grow here of opps that others here can use and find beneficial. especially if they are recommended by regular readers/visitors. Thanks

  4. changedbyhim0510 Avatar

    There are several processors out there and it’s pretty easy to become an independent sales rep. PayJunction is one here in the U.S. that I would recommend.

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