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We talk of being radical yet we don’t preach whats in Acts
We talk of  having truth yet we deny the apostles doctrine
We speak of love yet have no love for truth
We speak of revival but don’t want Pentecost
We ask God to be a voice yet refuse to speak in other tongues
We speak of being Christ servants yet have fulltime well paid jobs serving man
We talk of being on a mission yet have never gone across the ocean to another nation
We talk of being “all on the altar for God” yet are too busy to spend one hour a day in prayer
We talk of being holy yet we believe in three co-equal god’s
We say we believe in one God yet have never told anyone “Jesus is God!”

Contradictions comes from playing religious games, actions comes from a heart of Integrity!

  1. bibletruth777 Avatar

    I think you hit on a nerve here, yes we “talk” but we need to put feet on our faith and walk it.I enjoyed your post made me think, thanks

  2. nightshade130 Avatar

    Preach it Bro Paul!!True Talk right here. It’s so true but that’s what it means for those who live with double standards or no standards for that matter. Great Word Today! Totally on fire today :)Sherline 😀

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