How many God’s are There …. and can God Count?

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Isn’t it strange how ONE means one in every dimension of our world except God. We drive one car, have one wife, live in one home and have one iphone. But when it comes to God, one is no longer defined as one singular but as one many. Only when it comes to God do we break and misuse the mathematical rule. Strange! When it comes to man, there’s one president in the Whitehouse, one queen in the Palace house, one preacher in God’s house and one wife in your house. Only when it comes to God does “one” become “three”….I looked it and discovered that the bible talks of the “Holy one” never the “holy three!” I couldn’t find one scripture where it says God is three persons, so I wondered what God himself said.  He alone is all knowing, right!  “I AM the Lord and there is no God beside me, a just God and a Saviour, There is none beside me” ( Isaiah 45:21)….. I am  God and there is none else (v22). .  Maybe some folks know more than the all knowing ONE….

Just causing trouble this morning!….and yes of course, I do believe in Father, Son and Holy Ghost.. My book “Jesus or the Trinity?” is worth a read….

  1. jimlockey1 Avatar

    Its goof to probe these things occassionally. Nice one.

  2. jimlockey1 Avatar

    I meant to type GOOD not goof

  3. Paul Avatar

    God bless you Jim, my friend. You’re up early this morning… I forgot your from God’s country, Uk!… Lol my brother Just thanking God for a new day and brothers like you.. Have an incredible day and shake England for Jesus.Paul

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