Big Doors..How to step into God’s Big Thing!

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For a great and effective door has opened unto me and there are many adversaries (1 Corinthians 16:9).

Recognising God’s “Big Door!”
1. Life is a series of open doors, many of them.
2. With every door of opportunity there is an enemy behind it you’ll have to face, head on!
3. Adversity is not a sign of God’s disapproval Adversity is a sign that you have stepped into an arena that demands you fight a new giant, learn a new skill, build a new mindset, find a new weapon and use a previously unused strength.
4. New opportunities demand you have knowledge of new skills, people skills, marketing skills, conversational and presentational skills.  Look for bigger doors. The bigger the door the greater the secret, you’ll have to discover. Don’t be afraid of what others know, be afraid of what you refuse to understand.
5. Theres a door of opportunity for you, business doors, ministry doors, doors to new friends, doors to truth. Certain folks hold keys to certain doors. Find those who have keys to new world’s. They will show you what you’ve never saw and explain what you have always failed to understand.
6. Have you ever wondered why others have bigger things than you, businesses ministries, opportunities, pay-checks, their secret is this, they knocked on the bigger door!  They educated themselves to find the door that others cannot see. Education is the key to the big door!
7. God’s big thing demands you give more of yourself to others. You can’t live the selfish life and open the Big Door!
8 Crisis is proof that you have outgrown your present level of existence and that you’re ready to enter something new.
9. Don’t fight what should be forgotten. Sometimes its better to run than fight.  Only fight  for things that can be part of your future. If it’s behind you leave it alone.
10. Enter a door as a student then you can master the subject as an educator of great men.
11. If you can take on the challenge then what’s behind the door can become your prize.
12. Destiny is that which lies behind the door.

Declare today: “God has a Door and a place of opportunity for me Today!”

From “Big Things” by Paul B Thomas”

  1. nightshade130 Avatar

    Touchez! I agree with you Bro Paul. Especially in regards to adversity,crisis and Destiny. We all got to fight the good fight of Faith.God bless you for sharing. Sherline 😀

  2. liliessparrowsandgrass Avatar

    These words spoke clearly to me: “Crisis is proof that you have outgrown your present level of existence and that youre ready to enter something new”. Thank you, brother for this post filled with wisdom!

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