What to do with a “God” idea.

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That the communication of thy faith may become effectual by the acknowledging of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus ( Philemon 6).

How do you take an idea, a God given idea and make it a virtual reality? Let’s face it you may have one, ten, twenty, hundred different ideas a day. Acknowledging that they are a product of your spirit, and come from God is essential, he is the source of all things great and all thing new and all things yet to be seen. But then comes the hard part, musing with an idea untill it takes on flesh!

4 Things to Make your God Idea a Virtual Reality
1. Build Intentionally.. start with a thought and add a new dimension to it, a blog, a website, a department, a service. Make each of these a foundation and build upon them. Build until your idea comes alive or you wear it out.
2. Build Purposefully: Your purpose is to exhaust an idea. Stick with a thing until you take it to another level others have failed to reach. Good ideas become life-long projects that just keep on being built. God ideas never die! Like their source they are eternally alive in the spirit realm waiting for you to add “dimensions” to it
3. Build with people in mind: You have to build with your “marketing environment” in mind. Environments change and you have to adapt constantly or die. Environment is important. Certain plants thrive in tropical climates, others die in tropical climates. Your environment determines life or death. Environment is not where people are. You can be on Facebook and die. Your ideal environment is where folks who talk like you, want what you have to offer. That’s  your environment.
4. Build Consistently: Have a plan. If you can’t be bothered to plan the chances are you wont be bothered to make it work. The secret of a good student, can he go to class? The secret of a good preacher, does he go to church? The secret of a good business idea, can it start with a plan.  Just like all preachers are students, so too all business people are planners. If you can’t plan you wont have what it take takes to build it.

Dont discard your idea…acknowledge it as coming from God. It could change your world!…. mine too.

UR God’s idea machine

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  1. nightshade130 Avatar

    “UR Gods idea machine” – banking that in my spirit. Awesome stuff as always Bro Paul. Awesome stuff! Keep it comin’ !Sherline 😀

  2. Pastor Philip Roman Avatar

    Acknowledging that they are a product of your spirit. If we were to fully run with the ideas of the spirit we would be prosperous. There would be nothing lacking and nothing wanted. God ideas cause faith to stand to attention and for fear to leave. Good Word! Love you my brother. Be Blessed!

  3. jelillie Avatar

    You make a great point with number three! I will be pondering that and considering how it effects my “God-idea!”

  4. worshipandswag Avatar

    The word of God is food for the soul! I’m soo full right now its no joke, lol! Thanks for this wonderful and uplifting message. Sometimes we build but we are not consistent…the missing puzzle to success. Thanks for this reminder, it eludes me sometimes! 🙂

  5. Paul Avatar

    Thank you Shirlene…Be blessed with many God ideas..

  6. Paul Avatar

    thats a revelation. The world acts on their ideas quicker than us who hear from God… Well, we are catching up and overtaking..You’re an Idea leader Pastor Phil for Houston Texas…..

  7. Paul Avatar

    My friend, I appreciate your input and visit, friends are God’s idea, a mega blessing too!

  8. Yomi Olufiade Avatar

    Build purposefully! HMMMMM! Thanks for this post. A great blessing it is.

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