Where Do Ideas Come From?

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1. Key words, power words, you find in motivational articles
2. Tragedy, things that trouble you, problem people (Everyone should have one “problem person” in their life).
3. Leaders, Success stories of those who have made it big in your field of business
4. Though leaders, bloggers
5. Magazines. every man should read  one magazine a week for inspiration and ideas
6. Local business clubs, startup advisors, small biz help online
7. Education. self education or taking a class on a subject you are passionate about
8. You idea list. Get yourself a Big List, where you list 10 Big things you hope to achieve before you’re 60 and 20 things you hope to achieve after! (I believe in the principle “Older is More!”..(see tomorrow’s blog)
9. Your dream team. Get together online of in Starbucks with three idea people, folks madder than you about what you do!
10. Favorites… 20 top websites you visit regularly
11. Google….
12. Great ideas come from God. God is Spirit! Make him your senior partner in life, ministry and biz. He’s all knowing and the creator of all things unknown, soon to be known and discovered only by You!
Where do your ideas come from? Please add below, thankyou!

  1. Uplifting Christ Avatar

    My ideas come from God through the Holy Spirit.God bless you Paul!

  2. Pastor Philip Roman Avatar

    Godly ideas can cause godly growth. Another list of great things to ponder and do! Thank you Paul! Be Blessed!

  3. Chief Technology Mommy Avatar

    My best ideas come when I am helping someone!

  4. Paul Avatar

    wowsome.. The Lord bless you my sister. Thanks for your visit..I’ll be in touch!

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