Your Friend, God’s gift From Heaven!

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He came to his own and his own recieved him not.. (John 1:11) Wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger (Luke 2:7)

Your friend could change your life! he may have just the right kind of biz idea that you have been looking for. He may have the God truth that could change everything.  He may have the connections that could lead to an altered life. He may have authored the book that tells you the one thing that changes everything.

Your miracle may be in the disguise of a friend, but because we are focused on the wrapping paper and not the gift we miss our salvation. The label is the distraction based on our own misconception and preconceived ideas of a thing. He’s apostolic, Im’ charismatic. He’s pentecostal, Im’ Baptist! Well with that attitude, your gift can never be bigger than you! Friend forget the label, Dont judge me on my label, judge me by my contribution. Open the box, the gift is disguised!

You dont know me till you’ve unwrapped all there is of me. Your friend, God’s gift from Heaven!

  1. Bishop O.W. Prince Avatar

    Absolutly the truth. Amen!

  2. Pastor Philip Roman Avatar

    True true true! Amen! Unwrap me. You can’t know me until you spend time with me. You don’t know until you sit and hear. Most people don’t know God until they have sat with Him. A lot of people think that He is cruel and mean. However when they spend time with God they realize how much love He really has for them. When they spend much time with you people will realize how much of a blessing they have in front of them. You have blessed me today! Have a blessed day Paul! Pastor Phil

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