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in birth again untill Christ be formed in You (Galatians 4:19).

Transformed man. Changed man

Man  in trans-fer. Repostioned man

Man in transition. Multigifted Man

Man going through many transformations. No longer flesh man but a new human in Christ.

You are transformed by a series of incarnations. God in Christ, Christ in us.  You were born in an earthly place then reborn in a heavenly place. You were born of flesh, death in your DNA, then reborn in Spirit, God in your DNA. That’s why the world fears, the new humanity! As he is, you are! Christlike humanity, the new race of super beings. Incarnated through Christs death, burial and resurrection. Its a lifestyle. We we buried as he was buried, when he died he took us to his own gave and buried our old man nature with him.

As he lives, we live! 

We live the incarnational life

, it’s a movement. That’s why I don’t join a movement, my life must be the movement. That’s why revivals are good but they are no substitute for the incarnational process of death burial and resurrection that manifests itself in us daily.  That’s the travail, the death, burial and resurrection we experience daily! Its the cry of Christlike men.  Their body their cage a limitation. Their spirit knows no boundaries. Until the man on the inside is free, they travail. Until the God man on the inside walks in dominion and spirit, he travails! I’m not fighting devil’s I’m fighting my own limits.

I don’t need to hate my flesh, just conquer it. Then live beyond it!

  Breakout is coming, the man on the inside is resurrecting itself again… Unstoppeable!


  1. liliessparrowsandgrass Avatar

    How glorious it is to become a new creation, and manifest the death, burial and resurrection of Christ daily. Thank you for this awesome reminder!

  2. nightshade130 Avatar

    I am lovin’ what you said here today Bro Paul. You are definitely on fire today my friend. “my life must be the movement” <— Now that's what I'm talkin' about!. Awesomeness today. God Bless you Bro Paul.Sherline

  3. Pastor Philip Roman Avatar

    Living beyond my flesh. Great word because we are all called to put away this flesh and to live beyond its boundries. The flesh is a boundry that can be overcome if we will deal with it. Powerful! Thank you! Be Blessed my friend!

  4. Paul Avatar

    …your comments are better than my post,,,my Sister,,, thanks for the uplift!

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