Omnipresency..Breakfast with Everbody!

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It’s the state where whats distant becomes ever-present for you and whats far away becomes that  which in now your portion. Your plate-full has new meaning and having an audience for breakfast is the experience of everybody.

I had an invite yesterday to Join Pastor Ken Phillips on Facebook at Promise land international (If you’re in Texas visit his church, it’s an experience promiseland Here’s what I said, “Pastor Ken I have to look you up on itunes so I can download you and then you can preach on the streets of UK when you are not here…. that’s omnipresency for you…”

Who are you inviting to your website to join and contribute, be a part of the crowd and celebrate…Omnipresency now you can have breakfast with everybody…


  1. Pastor Philip Roman Avatar

    Great idea. Have a great weekend and may the holy spirit fill your services with love and manifestations.

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