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You can get my weekly podcast each saturday by visiting  where I’m presently talking on the One God, in my God Notes. My goal simply to exalt Jesus, and reveal him as God! The world talks “God” we talk “Jesus” because that’s his name. More great “God stuff” on Please feel free to leave a comment on the audio itself or blog in the comment area.
The Lord bless you

  1. Pastor Philip Roman Avatar

    Looking forward to hearing great things from you today. Have a blessed day!

  2. remso Avatar

    Tried the link. Did not get very far. Do I need to create an account to see your message?

  3. remso Avatar

    Went through the link on the side of this page.

  4. Paul Avatar

    Greetings my brother..The podcasts are on http://www.paulbthomas.netand to leave a comment on the audio one has to have an account with soundcloud. (which is free for a basic account).Hope this is what you were looking for my brother…. Blessings

  5. nightshade130 Avatar

    This is awesome. I’ll be checkin’ this out Bro Paul. Stay Blessed :DSherline

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