God in a body…with Limits!

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God shall provide “himself” a lamb (Genesis 22:8)  “through the VEIL, that is to say, his flesh; ” (Hebrews 10:20)

God veiled in flesh! His flesh body was like a restriction, a limitation, a barrier, a cage, for the purpose of humanity and being human. God couldn’t be man and God if he had no body! His body gave him access to the human world. To feel its pain and take on our sins. Without a body there could be no sacrifice. Without the sacrifice there could be no resolution, redemption or salvation.

Only God could become what he was not, mere man! Only an incarnation could prove God is one. What man did not know was that his flesh was the son among us, what man did not see that behind the veil was the mighty God, “God” with us! (Isaiah 9:6).


  1. jelillie Avatar

    This thought of limitation seems to be the meditation of the day. Thanks Paul! What strikes me is the intentionality of God limiting himself.

  2. nightshade130 Avatar

    Amen Paul. Lovin’ it! 😀

  3. Pastor Philip Roman Avatar

    Powerful word! Without a sacrifice there could be no resolution. No firm decision. Because God is a firm decision maker, we could make a clear resolution about receiving Jesus. I understand Jesus chose us but we still had to make a decision. I am thankful for your words about God making a resolution. Be Blessed!

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