God Wants “Bad” People For His “Good” Book!

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How many folks have quit on God because they thought they were not good enough holy enough and do don’t do enough. When I look at God’s book, I find liars, disobedient folks, cheets, harlots adulterers, crooks, fools, in its pages, not just information about them either, but entire life stories. If I was writing my life story, I don’t think I would include folks like that in its pages let alone devote entire sections of the book to them.

I’m amazed at how a holy book can have bad folks in it! I’m also amazed how God makes bad folks look so good! I mean the good like the Pharisees and Saduccess and religious folks didn’t have entire books devoted to them, the bad did!  in fact the good, self righteous got rebuked and the bad got celebrated! Bad folks in a good book! I guess he done that so that we can know there’s nothing worse than what those guys done, backsliding, falling away, disobeying God, murdering whole armies, killing many christians , and that if they can be included in his book, so can we!

If you’ve quit on God, you could be the next one written about in his good old book. You are not in there because of your goodness, you are in it because of your badness! In fact your goodness is as filthy rags anyway. Which tells me that its not the good that I do that qualifies me for the kingdom, but the good that he has already done for me, that gets my name in his good book. What God wants from us is a repentant heart and a new birth that comes as a result of obedience to him…yes that’s what gets us into his book!

If you’re bad, get your name in his book as quickly as you got a page on Facebook… God want’s bad people for his Good book!


  1. Pastor Philip Roman Avatar

    Good word. Funny how I was writing about Psalm 139:23-24 about David having God search his heart and trying his thoughts. Seeing if there is any evil in him. The Bad! It’s amazing how David was a man after God’s heart yet David was bad at times, but he knew who he could turn too. Turning to God made David a man after God’s heart. Bad to the core at one point but knew what to do to make it better.

  2. 220lily Avatar

    Thanks for the encouragement! “How many folks have quit on God because they thought they were not good enough holy enough and do dont do enough.” I used to be one of these people, seeking goodness in myself because God expected it and finding none. But you know why God loves the bad and rejects the good? Because the latter are self-righteous. And when God transforms a bad person, He gets the glory.

  3. Paul Avatar

    wonderful…. Hi Kelly thanks for your response, which is encouraging and its a delight to know, God held on to you and just would not let you go….

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