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Bloggers love interaction….we are made for it! which makes me ask, why don’t visitors ask more questions?

In church we were not encouraged to ask questions, and the reason is good, we were there to worship and hear good preaching. However online there is still some distance between us who provide teaching or information and those that have questions yet to be asked. Maybe we feel intimidated or feel as it we are “out of line” to ask a question after all we’ve been brought up that way to be polite and not ask questions, to obey and not question authority?

But asking questions is not questioning authority, its actually helping us who blog to become a better authority. If you see a flaw, and I acknowledge my error I’m the better for learning from you. On the other hand if you receive knowledge of truth that before was hidden from you, then you become the one who goes home happy as one who has found the gold.

Let’s face it. Have you ever had a global audience where your audience is made up of Islamics, Pentecostals, Baptists, Free will, ex christian, and pagans? The answer is, “No!”  A daily audience so diverse, presents us with a challenge, ask questions and give quality answers and be the one with a reputation for being a leader in your field or just blog and be overlooked.

Folks don’t want bloggers with information, information can be found everywhere. What we want is bloggers who can interact. It’s the interactivity that makes a blog valuable, and the answers that make a blogger a leader in his field. and it’s not so much the information that makes a blog valuable either but the questions that you the reader ask’s on it.

I’m not afraid of whats posted I’m afraid of whats not being asked. We should never be afraid of the questions others ask, but of their silence!

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