God is About to Light Your Candle?…

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For thou wilt light my candle (Psalm 18:28).

It’s no secret God has given you a ministry online….  You know that to be succesful in ministry online you have to project a different light other than what others call “light.” When others give information you have to  give revelation. When others give news you have to spread truth. When others talk and chat you have to minister and restore… There’s a higher “calling” for God’s people online!

God is Calling for Bloggers Who Will Become:-

Healers of breaches. The cause quitters to make a comeback.
Restorers of the wounded and the fallen. They focus on recovery
Revival preachers, called of God to light a revival maybe in one person, one place, one network  or one generation.
Network builders of unconnected people, they are the connectors to those in other cultures and communities.
Online shepherds, Offline they have no building but online they have a hospital.
Leaders. Teaching, motivating, leading forward and calling to action
Helps Ministers, adding ideas, sharing links and helping others build online they are light simply doing what comes naturally and that is to simply shine.

There’s more in you than just being a blogger. Blogging is not a gift, it’s a platform…. your gift is your Ministry, that which shines from you at any one moment, in every place, at any time, all of the time!

Let others give news, news is for those who have not truth. Let others gossip, gossip is a sign of a defeated man.  Let others speak dogma. dogma is for those still in the dark. As for me, ” God! you light my candle!”

The future don’t belong to the loner but the blogger, the one who connects in a family and does online what is unrecognised offline. If folks say, you havent got a ministry, go ahead start one. If you have light you have a ministry! All you have to do is obey God, forget what you can’t do and simple…… ask God to light your candle


  1. Pastor Philip Roman Avatar

    Thank You Paul! I knew I needed to hear this message of yours. I am light in this world. I need to make sure the Light of the Lord is visible in me and let people see it and hear it online and offline. Amen!

  2. Bishop O.W. Prince Avatar

    Hi Paul,Thank You For Giving What we Do Definition, Designation and Declaration. I never thought of my online ministry and online personal prayers for others in such a way. But you are correct. Thanks for saying so!

  3. Bishop O.W. Prince Avatar

    This is being shared in the Bible Scholars’ Group on FaceBook.

  4. TSOTIA Avatar

    There is nothing like hearing the truth at the right time…God bless you for this piece.

  5. Yomi Olufiade Avatar

    Waoh! Waoh! Waoh! Sir you just hit the nail on the head with this one. Thanks for voicing the truth. This scripture just took on another meaning with this light you have thrown on it. God bless you,sir. And may you run through troops by God, in Jesus name! Proud to be associated with you.

  6. Paul Avatar

    The Lord bless you Bishop…

  7. Paul Avatar

    …..run through troops…. I love it!

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