10 Traits of Godly Men (pt3)


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10. Godly men don’t chase religion. Godly men follow leadership. That’s why mosques are full of men and churches are mostly full of women. We need a restoration of leaders who can teach men, man stuff! How to be a hero, how to be a leader, how to be a conqueror. Leaders that can celebrate other men’s greatness. (Mark 10:42-44).

11. Godly men are not wimps. Godly men carry a cross, deny themselves, forsake all and follow him! Godly men cast out devils heal the sick and preach the kingdom is here. Godly men cast out money makers from the temple and call religious maniacs, snakes and white washed sepulchres. Godly men, say it as it is! (Matt 23:27).

12. All great men have to confront light and darkness in them. Jesus was the light, to be like him  is our desire, which means in darkness we shine truth, in light we reveal Christ. In darkness we cast out devils. In light we bring healing and gentleness. (Psalm 61:6,10 Luke 11:35).

13. Godly men make mistakes. Godly men allow God to deliver them from their mistake. Christ-likeness is not being perfect, rather its having the ability to let God rule when you’ve screwed up and feel like quitting. Its getting up when condemnation tells you to stay down. Its rising again when guilt says, you’re dead! Godly men conquer death and get up from the grave. That’s what makes a Godly man Christlike (Ro 7:19-34 8:10,11. Proverbs 24:16).

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  1. Bishop Cardijn Mokube Avatar

    The word of God is the only cure to humanity’s problem and predicament.

  2. saintofsorrows Avatar

    Praise the Lord, this is real talk!! We need generals heroes armed with the word of God casting off all regard for self preservation. A willingness to do a new thing without fear of humiliation of making the same mistake twice, but remembering a wise man falls seven times though it’s the LORD that makes him stand. “Its rising again when guilt says your dead!”In ChristSantiago

  3. nightshade130 Avatar

    HALLELUJAH! wow Paul. This is what I’m talkin’ about! Men of Standards! We need more of them to take their rightful place. May your words reach many for this word shall be UNSTOPPABLE because it is the TRUTH. Men, be set free from the deception of your role in life. Man up! Become spirit filled like David and take up your mantles of manhood and be the rightful heads in your families, be the priests and pastors we seek in the Church that is starving for father figureheads. Christ the Rock came down expecting you to Man Up and take your rightful place in the kingdom. God calls you to lead men, so lead by example, Christ’s example, Amen!Thank you Paul for this is a blessed post. May it deliver some men who don’t know who they are in Christ. God Bless you Sherline 😀

  4. changedbyhim0510 Avatar

    I like Paul. I’m glad to added three bonus ones 🙂

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