10 Traits of Godly Men (pt1)


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1. Godliness is not just being humble Godliness is being like Christ. Godliness is not weakness, Godliness is Christlikeness ( Ro 6:6).
2. Being “nice” is not God’s ideal for any man. The church has taught humility and practiced inferiority. God don’t birth inferior men he births capable men (Gal 2:20).
3. Having anxiety because you gave correction is a spirit that ought not to rule a man. Part of being a man is applying correction and sometimes rebuke. Don’t let the devil bother you when you do what’s manlike Christ-like and biblical. (2Tim 3:16)
4. Godly men have order. Those who don’t have godly order will hate you for having order. Your standards will infuriate them and cause them to attack you. Standards make you stand, without them, we go down! (Colossians 2:5)
5.  Godly men get angry, anger is healthy for the soul. If you let folks shut you up you’ll kill your soul and you’ll become an emotional wreck and a spiritual imbecile. God created you to speak out. You are God’s word to society. Unrighteous lawmakers don’t need our grace they need Christlike men with the indignation of a prophet and the word of the one true God. (Luke 19:45-46).

Pt 2 Tomorrow

Need to hear a challenging audio listen to this Bishop OWPrince as he talks about God’s order for men and women… in a message entitled “Twisted corrupted Lost and on Fire!”….Not for the faint hearted or easily offended….

  1. nightshade130 Avatar

    Oh I’m sooooo looking forward to part 2 already. Bless you Paul for this post 😀

  2. Paul Avatar

    Blessings to you my Sister…. Youre encouragement is contagious….

  3. pbus1 Avatar

    How important it is for us to take a stand, and declare the unadulterated and immutable Word of God! When we do not take a stand for something, we are liable to fall for absolutely anything! Having done all, stand! Powerful word, Pastor Thomas! I’m looking forward to part two! You are truly standing tall for the Lord, right now! God bless you!

  4. yourbasicchristian Avatar

    A very interesting post. The world has so twisted the concept of Godly men and women, authority and submission that it is almost impossible to teach these concepts as they were laid down by Christ. I’m looking forward to your next post!

  5. Paul Avatar

    The Lord bless you my friend and thanks for your comment. I Hope to discover more of your ministry too online, soon.

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