The Place Where You Have to Push

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Have You Come to the Place Where You Have to Push?
Jesus is There For YOU!

Jesus gave us the account of a woman with the issue of blood. A story of a woman in the crowd, unnoticed, alone and needing the Lord’s healing power. The bible tells us she has had suffered many things from many physicians and had come to the point where she had to push through the crowd to get at Jesus. She had to push herself through everything around her and receive healing from the master physician (Mark 5:25-34).

Yesterday I went to the hospital to visit my mother, she’s 89 blind in one eye, needing a blood transfusion, for maybe the sixth time, I’m not sure, she’s just been told by the optician that she’s loosing the sight of the other. It’s hard to see a woman in hospital especially when its your own mother!

I’m not sure what I can do, she’s in a  place like the woman in this bible account where she’s one of many, alone and feeble, yes real feeble and at the mercy of those around her. She begged me to get her out of there.  I knew that the tests were necessary, but the realisation of her vulnerability hit me, and all I can do is tell her, “The Lord is with you!”

Yes I know the Lord is with you!

Maybe friend, you too are in a place, among the crowd, alone and vulnerable.  Realising you’re at a point in life where you have to do your own pushing, maybe at a time when there’s little physical strength in you, I don’t know! Its like moving the impossible, especially when you’re the one that has to do it all alone.  You have to push aside stuff that others can’t see, the fear, the unknown, the uncertainty of it all, the word’s of those who don’t believe in the God you know. The age factor! You have to push through it all somehow.

You have to know that Jesus is there,  yes Jesus is there, and when you can’t see him, know that he can see you. He see’s your inability and is willing to be your strength. And while you’re one among the many, he wants you to know he’s there for you. Yes there for you.

I love that old song,
“No never alone. No never alone
He’s promised never to me, never to leave me alone”

Are you at the point where you too have to push?….. Jesus is there!

  1. Paul Avatar

    Great news this very afternoon, she has been moved from the cardiac ward to another more comfortable ward….. Hallelujah…. She made the push… thank you Lord!

  2. Bishop O.W. Prince Avatar

    I’ll be praying for your mother. Great pesonal insight and application to illustrate a spiritual truth.

  3. Paul Avatar

    Thank you bishop for your prayers. You’re an incouragment in my life and I thank God for you..

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