Rhema and Logos OR Jesus?

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Is the Logos and rhema two separate words from God? I ask this question because if “rhema” and “logos” are two separate words then we have to deal with a problem, a God problem. John tells that the word was with God and the Word was God. (John 1;1) and this word became flesh and dwelt among us (V14). In the New Testament the Word was the same as the Word in the Old Testament. Revelation 19:3 tells us that “He” is called the Word of God. So the person of God is the Word of God, therefore how can there be a logos and rhema? Isn’t Jesus the one Word? The one of whom it is written about and he that also speaks to us today? (Hebrews 12:25).

Just provoking thought.
Please feel free to add to this discussion.

  1. nightshade130 Avatar

    I understand that the Word of God is God. Rhema is the “spoken word” or what I believe to be the “revealed Word” of God…because even though the Word of God is God…we as people don’t understand God so therefore, when the Word of God is revealed as it is “spoken” to us we descrbe that understanding as the Rhema Word, the Revelation of God to Us. The Logos Word which is the “written” or literal Word of God is scripture. The Logos for us with the Bible… the book of prophecy…so everything contained in it is about God and His spoken Word through His Prophets. Therefore, Logos (Written Word of God) and Rhema (Spoken Word of God) work hand in hand and are not separate from each other even though they are different in meaning, because you need the Logos (Written Word of God) in order to have the Rhema (Spoken Word of God) and Jesus often referred back to scripture to confirm the Word of God as He spoke by always saying “As it is written….” In conclusion, the LOGOS and the RHEMA work uniformly together to confirm John 1:1. What do you think?

  2. Paul Avatar

    Greetings Sherline..Thanks for your explanation which is very clear and well explained. What I should have added was that the Logos and rhema emphasis, as I see it, has distracted us away from he who is the Word, “Jesus” himself! Jesus being both God’s rhema and God’s logos, (John1:1) and that we often wait to hear something from God like a truth or guiding revelation when Jesus is himself the revelation of “God” that we need!I was seeing it as Jesus being the one who speaks and the one of whom all things are spoken and wasnt sure if we really could separate an Old Testament logos from a New Testament rhema, if Jesus is the Word of God!…Thank you my sister for setting the pace.Paul

  3. nightshade130 Avatar

    Hi Paul,You are so right when you say “the Logos and rhema emphasis, as I see it, has distracted us away from he who is the Word, Jesus himself! We shouldn’t get too dogmatic and remain true to the Spirit of the Word. Very good point you raised here Paul.God Bless. 😀

  4. Paul Avatar

    Thank you my sister for contending for truth!….Stay amazing..

  5. saintofsorrows Avatar

    Praise the Lord, Jesus is one person! A revelation and experience! Thnx bro Paul.In ChristSantiago

  6. Paul Avatar

    Thank you my brother for your comment and input, its valued and so are you!Paul

  7. Bishop O.W. Prince Avatar

    Hi Paul. I think that you and Sherline have made it as plain as it can be. I dare not add or substract from what has already been said. Good discussion.

  8. Paul Avatar

    The Lord bless you Bishop, always!

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