Church, Why We Need IT!


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1. Church builds ceremony around history. It’s the story that keeps family, alive!
2. Ceremony is the unlocking of passion around a common cause and a common prize to fight for
3. Community built around an uncommon goal makes a man go for the uncommon prize…I need you to light my fire!
4. What you wont celebrate alone, you will celebrate together. Community makes the celebration possible
5. Community helps accountability… and when I don’t need you as a check, I will need you as a balance
6. Men who are not surrounded by greatness soon fall in their weakness. Community keeps us upright!
7. Your brother needs your gift.  What we fail to invest will rot and die. The church is the place to keep the gift alive.
8. The Church keeps us in tune…. It’s a fact, those that quit church, get hardened, critical and deteriorate spiritually
9. The church is the best place for an uncommon collective demonstration of praise. I need to hear your shout.
10. We all need brothers, a mentor and a shepherd.
11. We all need fresh oil, new revelation and a recovery of strength.
12. The church is where restoration takes place…. and that may take someone bigger than you to initiate it.
13. The church should  be the ideal place to confront our weakness. It should also be the first place to teach a man “How to be Great!”
14. The church needs to be a place of  involvement and investment. People invest best where they are involved most.
If there’s no church theres no one to blame but me!….

Like all good self assembly furniture… some “assembly” is required (Hebrews 10:25)….    The church is not bad, it’s just not as good without You!

  1. Dennis Munn Avatar

    Good stuff, brah! Enjoyed it!

  2. Pastor Philip Roman Avatar

    True True True! The Bible even states not to forsake the fellowship of the brethren. We need each other at church so that our iron can be sharpened. We need the church because we need real family!

  3. Paul Avatar

    Amen thanks for your comments… there is a scipture that says, God gave his life for his church….. He says its worth it! theres so much anti-chruch stuff online, I thought I just make a stand for it…Thanks for the visit and I will visit your blogs in return and comment

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