15 Keys For a Pioneer

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1.  Keep building your idea into a movement.
2.  Share your dream, it will attract investors and idea movers
3.  Dont be afraid of new territory, that’s where energy comes from.
4.  Make your own trail especially where there is none.
5.  The boring wont be recognised, the unconventional will.
6.  Unconventional ideas will attract unconventional people, they will knock you of your horse and set you on a bigger one.
7.  Dont avoid, challenge!
8.  Believe that your work matters and that everyone ought to know about it
9.  Connect with those who make you think.
10. If a map exists you’re going in the wrong direction.
11. You’ll meet strangers, ask them for ideas, if they give them, make them your partners.
13. A good partner disagrees with tradition!
14. If you find Gold, give it away. Only the poor keep whats valuable to themselves
15. Don’t leave your gift where there’s no water.. keep your wagon moving.

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  1. Dennis Munn Avatar

    Enjoyed this post, Paul! Another idea; unconventional ideas also attract criticism.

  2. jelillie Avatar

    Hey Paul congratulations on the book. I will have to check it out and add it to my stack! Some challenging concepts. I loved fourteen and I think the most challenging is 8…no wait 6..no wait! Oh well you get the picture! 🙂

  3. Paul Avatar

    wow…thanks brother Den…

  4. Pastor Philip Roman Avatar

    I really liked point 3. We can’t be afraid of new territory. God is adventurous! He wants us to not be afraid of new territory. We know this because Abraham went to a country he did not know, Noah took an Ark ride with animals to an unknown place, Moses walked between the Red Sea on his way to a promised land that he knew not… ETC. Good Word Paul. Thank you for the encouragement to go deeper.

  5. Paul Avatar

    hallelujah… lol my brother, glad you like it!

  6. Paul Avatar

    Pastor Phil thanks for encouraging me to step over the line….and still be right with God!…..

  7. snowgood Avatar

    I like point 10 the best.

  8. Paul Avatar

    Thank you my friend, glad you liked the post Have a great weekend

  9. 220lily Avatar

    I want to be a pioneer. It’s just how I think. At the same time, it is really scary to let go of old cultures, schools, friends, and ways of doing things. I’ve moved a few times in the last decade. I know what it is to be uprooted. I didn’t know where I was going in 2000 or 2007. Those two summers were really unpleasant.

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