The Spirit of a Settler?

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False finish lines
Setting up camp around yesterdays revival instead of lighting todays fire around God’s present truth. Settling to be good at one thing when you could be great at many things. Looking for the latest conference and seminar when you should be hosting your own online conference and seminar. Associating with those that love what you say rather than finding the crowd that challenges what your say.
Going for what you have created rather than heading for that which God created for you. Abraham lived in a tent which he created yet went looking for a city whose maker and builder was God (Hebrews 11:9-10). God has to make your dream, be the author of it and the builder too, if you want to chase what he has created. Anything less is second best. Abraham was looking for that which God was also looking for. This should be our goal too.

Psalm 84:5 blessed is the man whose strength is in you who have set their hearts on pilgrimage (NIV). I don’t want the spirit of a settler I want the heart of a pioneer. How about you?


  1. nightshade130 Avatar

    OH AMEN!!! I’m lovin’ wht you’ve said here Paul. Out I go! I find that in my own journey…the more I seek His face the clearer the path that He chooses for me becomes. I find myself open to different opportunities and go for it. Having that “go getter” attitude is an Abrahmic mentality. Nicely pointed out here. Lovin’ this pioneer spirit you have going on here. 😀 BlessingsSherline

  2. Paul Avatar

    Greetigns my Sister, you are a blessing, your encouragment is a ministry in itsef and valuable at that. You are God’s pioneer woman!Paul

  3. Pastor Philip Roman Avatar

    Great word. Challenging words are what I like to read. Challenging the people is something that should be done daily. If your tired of the same old thing then do something different. Live like Abraham and choose to go do something different. Be someone that is not like everyone else.

  4. 220lily Avatar

    I just had to hit ‘like’!”Setting up camp around yesterdays revival instead of lighting todays fire around Gods present truth.” = I still remember a sermon about eating fresh bread daily (like the manna God gave Israel in the wilderness) instead of stale stuff from yesterday or last week. Otherwise, it will spoil. We can’t live on old spiritual experiences and truths. We have to apply them but then seek something fresh from God, the idea of a pilgrimage.I’m a visionary and I want to be a pioneer. I just don’t know how. “Associating with those that love what you say rather than finding the crowd that challenges what your say.” I’ve been doing this for years now and I’m tired of rejection. See my blog post below. decided just today that unbroken people, whatever their relationship with God, won’t listen to me. Only those broken by God through bad experiences (physical, emotional, financial, etc) will listen. I want to minister to broken people (caretaker mentality). God’s method is breaking/wounding and then restoring, so he gets the glory. I want to do what God does!

  5. Paul Avatar

    Greetings my friend and many thanks for your input and openess. I think there will always be those who will take to truth and there will be those who are challenged by what we present as truth. We do need brothers to stand shoulder to shoulder, In my experience its been my connecting to fellow men of God that has help me stand when confronted tested and opposed. When men stand as one like Eisha, Elijah or Paul, Ananias, strength comes.Thanks for being a blessing today.Please stay connectedPaul

  6. 220lily Avatar

    Thank you so much! This is just my problem, finding others who believe like me. I feel completely alone, especially in the Narnia community. For non-Christians to oppose me is expected. For so-called Christians – without vision and faith like Wilberforce and Tyndale – to oppose me is just too much to bear. I’m not needed in the Narnia community. I have yet to find anyone who believes like me. The exception is Benjamin, who leads a prayer blog for British Narnia actor Skandar Keynes (atheist, Darwin descendant), but he’s so young and we don’t talk much. I need more fellow believers, more people with vision and faith! But where to find them?

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