What You See is Not All I Got!

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There’s more in you than what you know. I think many of us live below our capability. We put ourselves in a box then attach a label to it and then live with that label all of our lives. Labels allow other folks to know you. You yourself should not live with a label. That’s why I don’t say, I’m this or I’m that. The moment I’m labelled, I’m boxed!

I choose to grow beyond my limits and so must you. You can’t be boxed and go beyond walls and boundaries. I know pastors who could be evangelists and missionaries.  I know women that label themselves “apostles” when they could be more. I see bloggers who are really authors and preachers who could be leaders of organisations and networks and I wonder who put them in a box?

What we see right now is just what your faith brought to the surface and like a mighty ocean there’s more in you than that which just comes in with the latest wave.

God talks of calling those things which be not as thought they are. (Romans 5:17). He certainly knows how to manifest” things! This is our day to manifest that which God has placed in you. Unseen things, unseen gifts, you in a different role. That’s where things start, by you seeing yourself in a different role, you seeing what you always thought was impossible, you speaking to the invisible, things you thought you would never birth, that’s what “invisible” means. Things not seen to be spoken too.

“You have to “see” what you are not, before God can show you who you really are! I’m here to encourage you to get rid of the box, the title and the limits and start seeing yes working, thinking, planning, and speaking to the invisible things the things God has for you that you are about to uncover.

All that I am is not all I can be
What I have done is not all I can do
……..and What you see is not all I got.

You have so much more…


  1. 220lily Avatar

    I understand what you’re saying. But we must see ourselves as God does, neither how we are in the natural sense (to our natural eyes) nor how we want to be but never will become because that is not what God has for us. Yes, we must take off the shackles of thinking less than we are. But without God, we’re nothing anyway. It’s a matter of seeing ourselves as God sees us, without limits but only through the Spirit. We can’t see just anything in ourselves and assume that is what God wants for us. Can a fish become a bird? If it tries to fly, it will fail. It’s designed to swim.

  2. Paul Avatar

    Hi Lily, thaks for your comment. I used to struggle with hopelessness, as a tenager, I lost all confidence, one day God filled me with his Holy Ghost and changed me from the inside out. It wasnt even what I wanted but he filled me anyway. He let me know that to be a son I must see his as a father. while others see him only as a master they can only serve him as a slave. God told me to “get up.” It was a delIverance for me…I have no confidence in me and buried myself in baptism in his name. By grace the new man lives!…We can only be what he made us…. thats my goal…Blessings to you.. Paul

  3. Bishop O.W. Prince Avatar

    Thank you Paul. i am in agreement with you and working on becoming. This is just a rehearsal.

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