God is No Longer a Mystery.

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Everyone loves a mystery. It keeps a story viral!

Man has made God a mystery, until the “Word” came long. I’m not talking about the bible because many who read it still see God as a mystery. I’m talking of God showing up, in the flesh. Even the mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations but now is made manifest... Christ and his Godhead, “In him dwelleth the fulness of the Godhead bodily” (v9)… When we see Jesus we see the God that has been hiding, we see him who didn’t want to show his face, we see him who talked with Moses on the mount, we see him whose chariot rode the cloud, we see him who spoke to dirt and created man. We see him who said let there be light and out of himself came that light.

As long as there’s a mystery man has no obligation to obey truth. Why, truth cannot be found! But when Light comes, and truth uncovers that which the ages have hid, then man has to make a decision, come into that light or forever live alienated from that light and life of God. Friend, Jesus is the evidence of the Godhead and himself God in the flesh …. No more God mystery….

…. Jesus is God!

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