How to win before you start

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“I will extol thee O lord for thou has lifted me up, I will lift thee up, for thou hast lifted me up” (Adam Clarke on Psalm 30:1)   Each morning the first thing I do is thank God for a new day, a brand new day. God’s gift of a day to me in person. That’s why I make  my thanks to God the first thing in the morning.

I’ve discovered the secret of fulfilment in life which is this. I’m already lifted up! now don’t misread that, it’s not a statement of haughtiness, its a statement of fact and of what “he” has done. Thats where you have to start from, your place in him and what he has done for you. It lets me know that nothing else I do today can promote me higher because I’m already at the top. It also let’s me know that success is a place I work from everyday rather than a place I’m headed. This makes me a winner before I’ve started, the celebration is just proof that I believe it! and know it to be true.

I can’t create anything better than a day. I can’t promote myself higher than the postion he has already placed me in and neither can you! So you might as well as quit being sorry about your lack of success or glorying in your own self promotion. God has lifted you up and you cannot get higher than that! So go ahead celebrate the big win! yes thats what you already have, a big win!

Praising him before grovelling in my own self accomplishments, stop me becoming god. Its what humans do best especially when we dont trust the God who creates all thing new, everday. It let’s me know life’s greatest gift is already mine and that his day is his best reward. It’s God gift of success wrapped up in clouds of glory and the sunshine, God’s spotlight reigning down on me.

Success is not in what you do, it’s in what you can celebrate, You’ve already won! go enjoy your day!


  1. Bishop O.W. Prince Avatar

    I like this and think that it is a great companion to my post for “Today’s Word & Prayer” for Thursday February 9, 2012. There is so much in your post that I want to cite that I may as well just send it to FaceBook. Thanks for the lesson on perspective and trust. Great Word!!!

  2. Pastor Philip Roman Avatar

    It’s amazing how many people are not thankful for the day. Without the oxygen in your lungs you could not have gotten up and rejoiced in the Lord. God gave us this oxygen so that we could praise Him as soon as we get up and also before we go to bed. Make praise a major part of your life and watch what God can do.

  3. Paul Avatar

    Mr brothers your connection is God sent. May the Lord bless you over and above meaure in all that you do..Thanks for the visit and your friendship

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