Wanted, Preachers!


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A church without the pastor cannot experience unity.
A church without the teacher cannot walk in destiny.
A church without the evangelist cannot take its authority.
A church without a Prophet cannot leave a legacy.
A Church without an apostle cannot establish territory
…… and make the city, their own.

If preachers are not needed then why are you a Christian?

  1. Pastor Philip Roman Avatar

    Pour it on! Why go to church if your going to be mean and talk about the Pastor. The Pastor, who is he? He is God’s man, Shepherd for that church or churches. He is the anointed one to lead God’s people. If you receive who I send then you receive Me. This is not just a good quote rather it is a reality. Let’s make sure we honor those in authority. Let’s make sure we honor those who are our spiritual authority. Let’s make sure we honor the five-fold ministry. If you receive a prophet in the name of the prophet you will receive a prophets reward! Same applies to all the other callings! Blessings!

  2. Paul Avatar

    Pastor Phil, Your enthusiasm is contagious…so much anti-pastor junk out there on the web, so I thought I just go the opposite direction! The Preacher is God’s idea for the church, and that’s good enough reason to celebrate him…. You’re celebrated! …

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