This Weeks Musings

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BLOG Tip for the day. 1. Why not use the Twitter button when you visit a blog, it can enhance your twitter content and when folks see that you promote others they are more likely to join you both on WordPress and Twitter.   2. Leaving a comment will get your Icon on the homepage. Another great way to promote your site and gain extra traffic. 3. Add your real name to your about page. It helps people connect and also shows you want to.

Pastor Phillip Roman In reply to my blog  “Only the Mad are Normal” wrote, “I am glad that I am not just a reader. I am glad that I am one of the different …” (That’s cool).  Visit him on

Bishop OW Prince Visit Bishop’s blog on WordPress  he also podcasts on soundcloud which provides a cool interactive audio widget, where your comments can be read on the audio timeline itself. Visit

…….. Is our enthusiasm in church centered on God or technology?   Quote: “There is also a danger with technology to put the methods on a higher level of importance than the message itself.  If the technology is offered as the initial attraction without a good message, the people will come for the technology until there is a bigger and better place to go to. More on

Thanks to all that have joined me this last month. Getting to know you is fun and educational and thanks for connecting on wordpress and twitter.


  1. Bishop O.W. Prince Avatar

    Thanks my brother. i don’t have a Twitter account but because of your post, I will open one soon.Thanks for the insight and the referral in your blog. “Keep Looking Up!”

  2. Bishop O.W. Prince Avatar

    Please send me a link to your Tweets so that I can get them. There are too many Tweeters with the your name. (smile)

  3. Paul Avatar

    lol…. I know Bishop, Its tough to get ones proper name or even a ministry name and its limited to 15 characters too. Mine is:- imagebreakers

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