Only the Mad are Normal

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The days of visitation are come…the prophet is a fool, the spiritual man is mad (Hosea 9:7). Good Leaders dont talk about what’s already known they talk about things, yet to be discovered. Leaders don’t accept the wisdom of the crowds, they accept the wisdom of the fool, the odd one. In fact good leaders make the crowd mad, because they believe in stuff other’s scoff at. Mad folks have unusual faith and can believe incredible things. Like Jesus rising from the dead, God becoming man to die for everybody and people being born again and living forever! Incredible things!

Because they believe incredible things about God they can belive incredible things about you and this world. The spiritual determines the natural, only folks with faith in the impossible can do the unbelievable. That’s why they have keys to change stuff that other’s call “mad.”  Change is made by folks the crowd label as “mad.” Ordinary folks don’t change anything, mad people do! Mad people draw attention because they cant keep their mouth shut, that’s why mad people write crazy blogs and only the normal people read them.

Have a guess what, if you’re reading this…. you’re mad!

There again only the mad are normal… thanks for reading!


  1. lamehousewife Avatar

    This reminds me of that part in ACTS, right after Pentecost. A lot of people thought the Apostles were drunk or maybe even mad:) God bless, brother.

  2. Philip Avatar

    I am glad that I am not just a reader. I am glad that I am one of the different ones. You have to be different and radical all at the same time. Jesus still is today! After all we are created in their image and after. Their likeness. Gen 1:26

  3. saintofsorrows Avatar

    Amen one time I was out late at night jogging and stoped to share the gospel with some youngster and they though I was a little of my rocker, lol To God be the Glory;)

  4. Paul Avatar

    Thanks folks, your comments are wow!… have a mega weekend

  5. Bishop O.W. Prince Avatar

    Well, I knew something was wrong with me. Everyone else was saying so . (lol) Good Word!

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