Are you Baptized in Jesus Name?

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… why Not? ……  

“Whatever you do in word and deed do all in the name. Since we pray by faith in Jesus name, lay hands on the sick in Jesus name, cast out devils in Jesus name, bless our meals in Jesus name… why not baptize in Jesus name? after all Jesus himself commanded it…. make disciples baptizing then in the name…

The first disciples: Received salvation in the upper room were baptized in the name of Jesus (Acts 2:38). If salvation in the name was of importance to them then it should be of importance to us.

Saul: was baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus (Acts 22:16). If Saul of Tarsus took on the name at baptism so should we. If we teach from his epistles we should practice his doctrine.

The Ephesians: As believers were baptized in the name of Jesus (Acts 19:5). If it was good for them it is good enough for us.

*The first Gentiles: To receive salvation were baptized in the name of Jesus (Acts 10:44-46)…..  and since I am a Gentile then I too must be baptized in his name!

The disciples obeyed Jesus command in Matthew who said, make disciples this way ….. baptizing them in my name. The “name” (singular) of the father son and Holy Ghost. (Matthew 28:19) This truth hit me like a bullet. There is one name for the Godhead and that is Jesus for in him dwells the fulness of the godhead bodily (Col 2:9). For there is none other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved (Acts 4:12).

Salvation is like a marriage where a bride takes on her husband’s name. Imagine your wife at your marriage refusing to take on your name? Let me ask you how desperate are you for salvation? I want to be the bride with his name. I want it like the apostles had it, so I can tell it like they preached it. (Acts 4:12). And I know you do too.

This Sunday, open the baptismal pool, preach Jesus and  then invite all those who want it like the apostles had it to get rid of their rags and obey Jesus…. revival is here…. in his name…. Go ahead have a real party, Acts style  (Acts 19).. Start a movement, a revolution, salvation the real way.

Revolution is not what you get involved in, its what gets turned upside down in you

. Be the revolution you need. Get salvation the Jesus way…

While others ask why, You can ask, Why not!


  1. Pastor Philip Roman Avatar

    I really enjoyed today’s word. I especially like the part about the bride of Christ. A lot of men can not identify with this. Why? Because they lack submission to the One. If your going to be baptized in the Name of Jesus, you need to understand that you take on that name. That becomes your identity. My wife took my last name and therefore she took on that identity. She is considered a Roman until death. We are considered Christian. Little anointed ones. We take on His name and His life. Blessings!

  2. Bishop O.W. Prince Avatar

    Amen! This was shared on the Bible Scholars Group. Thanks for Word and bold way inwhich it is presented.

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