Unlock the Prophet in You, Declare “Jesus is God!”

Ye are my “witnesses” saith the Lord…. that I am he, before me there was no God formed nether shall there be after me… I even I am the LORD and beside me there is no Saviour….. Therefore ye are my “witnesses” saith the LORD that I am God ..… (Isaiah 43:10:12)….

The Lord is not Lord if he’s not your Lord God!  You may say “Jesus is Lord” but he cannot be Lord and not God. The Lord God is one Lord. (Deut 6:4 )  Just as you cannot separate one man from him being both father and a son so you cannot separate the One Lord from being Lord and God, God and Man.

God is saying.. A “Witness” is one who declares “Jesus is God!”…  This is our Witness and testimony… Jesus is God!

If the prophet could preach it and tell everybody,  then shouldn’t you?…..Stand up and tell your world….. Jesus is God!


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