The Gospel of Starbucks

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I went into a Starbucks coffee-house the others day, the cheerful barista greeted me with a cheerful “Hello, What have you been buying today?” She caught me off guard first by her openness and secondly by here friendliness. I’ve never approached by anyone with that level of enthusiasm before,  It was as if I had made her day by being there, of  course I was there for the coffee which brings me to my point. What if we displayed that level of Interest and friendliness in our local church toward stranger’s? If we did, we would soon be competing with Starbucks for customers on a sunday morning.  Here are something’s I got out of the book I bought as a result of meeting  baristas like here in Starbucks.

1. Be welcoming     2. Listen to individuals     3. Everything matters     4. Leave your mark.

  1. Pastor Philip Roman Avatar

    Good word! You are the carrier of the light of the Lord. You are the carrier of the joy and the love of the Lord. If more people understood that, then the visitors walking in our church doors would want to know who Jesus is…

  2. Paul Avatar

    Thanks my brother, I’m just here to serve and hopefully add value some where along the line… By the way have you a church website? and where exactly in Houston are you?Blessings

  3. Bishop O.W. Prince Avatar

    Great! Outstanding! Another confirming word regarding the current teaching we are doing at our little missions church in the cotton town of Mayesville, SC.The importance of the right attitude of ushers and greeters cannot be overstated. God bless You and Thank You!

  4. The Co-Mission Avatar

    You are so right! Great word. And as a Starbucks Barista I hear all the time how we help start people’s day off on a great first step (and its more than our coffee). Starbucks holds us to a high level of accountability in the ‘experience’ department. Of course, I also see all the time how the presence of the Holy Spirit in me breaks down barriers in many customers who are not fazed by the typical starbucks enthusiasm. Thanks for writing this!!! I agree that enthusiasm would take the chuch and the Body a long way. Thanks for letting me share my experience!!!

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