Pastors… and the Challenge of the Edge

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Why are good folks speaking  out against good churches?

Maybe being good is no longer acceptable, Folks prefer truth that has substance than programmes that are just good. Folks are discovering both dogma from many sources and are seeing superficial well-worn teaching that no longer pulls the punch. Today the congregant knows as much as the pastor about most things, they can go online and know about preterism, historicism, trinitarianism and futurism and anyone’s ism and schism and when you don’t have a broad knowledge base of subjects you’re under attack from folks that may know more than you.

A pastor can only survive if he follows the road of the many. In order to move ahead of  the crowd he has to confront his own beliefs with a willingess to re-educate and abandon dogma that no longer works and dishonors God.  He has to ask, # Why do I believe what I declare week in and week out? #Are my beliefs a result of handed down doctrines or dogmas that come from folks who had them handed down to them?  # What doctrinal prejudices have I and why? # Have I challenged my own assumptions lately? # Can I prove myself wrong?

It’s not rebellion by the crowd, just a revolution in which the preacher must be the first to change. It’s not a revolt by folks who no longer believe in God just a desire by those who want to live right, and know truth that has some substance, which of course is the essence of your own ability to lead. Good leaders always challenge their own assumptions and seek to prove themselves wrong first! That’s why they have the edge!

What challenges do you face?

(part 2 tomorrow)..

  1. Pastor Philip Roman Avatar

    Wow! Can’t wait till tomorrows message. This is so cool, because Pastors are supposed to grow just the congregations that sit under their teaching. If it’s the same old teaching more than likely it’s a rerun and a cop out. It’s important that Pastors be refreshed in the Word of God and to listen and hear the Lord speak new things into their lives. Keep Challenging Paul it refreshing.

  2. Bishop O.W. Prince Avatar

    Excellent commentary. If more pastors would humble themselves and pray and seek God’s face (Truth) and turn from their wicked ways (denominational separatism and intellectualism) then will they hear from heaven and begin to speak the saving Word of God instead of words out of their own imagination. (Ref. EZEKIEL 13)PREACH BROTHER PAUL… PREACH! Preach to the blind leading the blind.Preach to the lost leading the lost.PREACH THE WORD!May God be Praised! I’ll be looking out for part 2. Keep Looking up!

  3. Paul Avatar

    Thank you bishop your exhortation keeps me believing and preaching… Thankyou

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