Let your gift open that door!

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A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great men (Prov 18:16).   The door is wide open for a global ministry revolution. It’s the Nobodies that are building online not the big time preachers right now.  Unknowns can connect as pastors, share insight as teachers, preach as prophets and establish networks as apostles and are building online ministries that are bigger than those who pastor offline.  Working online however requires a different approach. Offline your status gets you into places, online its your “connectability” that gets you the open door. Offline you may take center stage, online you promote others who will in time “make room” for you.

If you sense that God has called you to this, go make it happen! The cyberworld needs your gift. Build your core connectors and team, be prepared to add value consistently, connect and cross link,  and seek out folks who will say, yes he’s good, connect to him!

Be prepared  for ministry God is raising you up, let your gift open that door!


  1. Bisi Avatar

    Awesome Blog. Very profound.

  2. Bishop O.W. Prince Avatar

    I hear what you are saying. I’ve shared on Facebook. Wonderful Word. Great insight and encouragement for online servants of God. Another attribute I would like to add to the qualities of online ministries is the lack of craving for immediate feedback where as offline the feedback is immediate and often sought after. Online teachers and preacher appear to be more self-secure and confident in their convictions than offline teachers and preachers. This is just my little observation.

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