A Good Friend is a Pain in the Neck

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Provoke one another to good works ( Hebrews 10:24) One who “provokes” is one who “pushes it” or irritates to the “point of outrage” one who is a “nag or pest!” Like a gnat or some other kind of pest, that irritates your neck until you give it a good slap and hurt yourself in the process.

A provoker is like that and in life a good friend is like that gnat, he irritates you to the point of action. He let’s you know that the real trouble is not his constant emphasis on getting something done or seeing his point of view but that when you finally have enough of  putting up with second best and what don’t work, you are aggravated into action.

So tell your friend, stick around, until I see your point of view or slap myself in the process.


  1. Pastor Philip Roman Avatar

    Provoking is one of my specialties. I don’t provoke unto wrath but I provoke a major thought process. Provoking someone is get them to go deeper. Some people need to be pushed to the deeper end of the pool if you know what I mean. Provoking leads to deeper meditation of the Word of God. This what God said to Joshua in chapter 1. Thank you my brother. Good word!

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