The Lion in Every Man

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Behold the lamb that taketh away the sin of the world … The Lion of the tribe of Judah hath prevailed ( John 1:29 Rev 5:5)

The Lion and Lamb are natures of the One true God. In God’s new created man, there are these two natures. Both are attributes we inherit from our heavenly father. It’s why at times you want to pursue justice and righteousness while at other times you want to preach love and grace.  Our Lamb nature is to serve others and worship God while our lion nature is to rule and possess as kings in the kingdom

For too long we have lived as lambs before the world, gentle and silent, when we should have been conquerors, hero’s and kingdom leaders. The Lion nature is not the flesh getting in the way, just God’s DNA, activating boldness. The key is not to shun, reject or kill your lion nature, but to sanctify it. Christ became a lamb so we could live as lions.  He died as a lamb so we could live as Kings. Dont kill the lion in you, just sanctify its roar, and live like a king, that’s why you have God’s DNA.


  1. Bishop O.W. Prince Avatar

    This is exactly what I would say if I could say like you wrote it. In other words, “Amen!”

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