Ideas for Using Twitter #hashtag

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I like the new features on Twitter, makes more of a page out of the platform. Using a #Hashtag is not new, but here are some ideas for using them that may help you build your ministry or business online

1. Use a Hashtag: Using a Twitter #hashtag for example mine is #imagebreakers well that’s one I use. You could hashtag #yourbook name #yourwebsite  #yourministryname #a topic you want discussed (no breaks between words).

2.  Using a hashtag can enable you to build a community around your topic of interest by hashtagging your event, conference, seminar or book launch.

3. Place your hashtag on your website to remind readers of your project and where to get updates, reviews, opinions etc.

4. Include your twitter URL on your business card and also include it at the end of your emails.

Log into your Twitter account. In your browser you will see # discover and to the right you can add your # enter topic, then hashtag to your hearts content!

5. You could always add a witty one liner, thought provoker, radical comment using #imagebreakers I’ll make a blog out of the best and help you promote your website.

What trend are you following, what’s your #hashtag?

  1. Pastor Philip Roman Avatar

    I appreciate the information. This just enables me to put out more. Thank you Paul! Have a blessed day!

  2. Paul Avatar

    Pastor Phil, Youre a blessing, trust you’ve had a great weekend, and may God enlarge your borders in all directions (Genesis 13;14)

  3. Bishop O.W. Prince Avatar

    Hi Paul,I am new to twitter and still learning a lot about networking, blogging, posting, etc. I am not sure what a #Hashtag is or who it is supposed to be used but I will be more observant of future tweets so as to mimic the advantages you’ve discussed. Thanks!

  4. Paul Avatar

    Greetings Bishop, Using a hashtag can be used to promote a topic or group or book. Your twitter post for example will contain a #hashtag and a link to the page which you want to refer folks, like this :- #biblescholars

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