Why Denominationalism is dying.

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Why denominationalism is dying…  It already is, ask yourself what denominational folks are connecting to me? Few, unless of course you’re part of their crowd.

I’m not anti-denominational I just don’t think they are working  right now. Online networks are making denominations a thing of the past, which is why denominations don’t use them to connect. Networks however, exist intentionally and are sometimes come into existence by accident, the result of strangers connecting with a common passion, God, revival life etc. Bloggers who want to encourage preachers who end up promoters of each others work on Facebook and twitter. Doing more in one day than many denominations have done for the one, in a whole series of year’s.

A whole new set of working modules and priorities are required. The world becomes your parish. You build through promoting others, you give others a platform, you learn their material and study their goals, you add value and make a friend. The process is natural, that’s why Facebook is so successful and your denomination is loosing its pull.

I’m glad im not in a denomination, I couldn’t fit into their box! too many add ons. I like the simple gospel message and the flexibility to connect to everybody! People who have different views both enlarge and challenge me to be a better communicator and a better person and to me people are God’s gift, so you better celebrate them rather than build a wall to keep them out!

I noticed the other day a denominational leader on twitter who had thousands of followers while he himself followed only a few. I thought that man had importance but no influence. The reason is this, you can’t take what you have offline and make it work online. Online the leaders are not those with a status but those who can share everything with the crowd. The new leaders are the new followers.

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