What’s your Madness Level?

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Being a celebrity is the old famous, being a sacrifice is the new mad… ‘Paul thou art mad; thy much learning doth turn thee to madness’.  When Jesus taught the people, many of them said,’ He hath a devil and is mad..why hear ye him? (John 10:20).

Anyone can be a celebrity, anyone can be popular. With the x factor loosing its appeal the celebrity is no longer the celebrated, it’s the mad who are celebrated! The world has shifted, the celebrated are not those who impress the crowd but those who give up their life for them. That’s why politicians are ridiculed and ignored while the nobodies in the Arab spring have the world’s attention. The new celebrated are not the rich and famous but the  mad and normal. Those who live for others rather than those who make a living from the crowd.

Here was Jesus, he didn’t ride into town in a limo, or take a tv crew up to the mountain, to make his next global blockbuster film, he  simply chatted to the everyday folks, telling them  how “they” could get eternal life, yes everything about him was all about them. Then he pulled his greatest punch,

“I lay down my life…” (v17)

What’s your madness level?
What agenda can you let go of today, in order to speak life to a friend (9:1)
Who are you unlocking destiny in (9:7)
What are you giving to another that you most love to keep for yourself (10:28)
Whose throwing stones at you (10:32)
Who is about to live because of your sacrifice (11:43)
What world will you shake that others thought could not move (11:44)
Whose graveyard are you bringing life too (11:38
What’s your sacrifice level, Who is it that’s calling you, mad!

Madness is not measured, you cannot measure sacrifice. No man’s world is changed without sacrifice. No man can change the world of another without laying down his life for a friend.

That’s mad!

What’s your madness level?


  1. Dennis Munn Avatar

    It’s time for ordinary people to minister to ordinary people. The Faith of the Apostles doesn’t need another star.

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