The uncomfortability of discussion

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It tears me up when I see folks building a ministry writing about other people’s faults, To be quite frank when one talks about the faults and shortcoming of others, that is not ministry, that is fault-finding and comes from one who has a critical spirit not a discerning spirit. The secret is to build a ministry on what God has given you. If I constantly write about others then clearly I don’t have anything from God, period!

For me, I talk a lot about God because that’s what God has given me. I never name bash to make me look good or talk others down to show what I know, never! I have a work ethic and a work to do and that is preach Jesus and teach on destiny and purpose. I have to write tought stuff that challenges the mind, and provokes thought and that is not always comfortable but I my aim is to always build faith and encourage. I’m open to questions and because I’m human I need them! I think the church has lost the art of discussion and connection, because we are afraid of being challenged and having our views discussed, after all we often see a questioning of our beliefs as an attack on our faith. Of course in reality, this is not always the case.

Healthy discussion brings enlargement and builds character. It expands our minds and increases our capacity for more. One should always challenge why he believes what he believes. Growth comes from challenging your standards not hiding behind them. Leadership has told us not to challenge authority, I disagree. I need your opinion! We be stronger because we shared, not weaker.

Maybe be I just wrote that to let you know feel free to comment and connect, after all isn’t that what blogging is about?


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