Born in Zion

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And of Zion it shall be said this and that man was born in her (Psalm 87:5)

Zion city of our great God. The church is a city, the city of our God and in this city, men are born in her. Only in Zion can it be said that “men” are born in her. Naturally children are born, never men. Children grow into men, but in Zion it shall be said men shall be born in her. Young men, old men, rich men and poor men, educated men and uneducated men. Only in Zion, city of our great God can there be such a togetherness of rich and poor, young and old, famous and unknown. Only in Zion can it be where men of all tribes and tongues dance together, sing together, pray together and lift up holy hands together to worship the one God, who alone, all claim as their God. Only in Zion can there be such a global miracle, and whats more, it’s possible because God does it and not man.

The days are coming indeed they are already here, when we too shall point to friends, loved ones, relatives and say to the world “this man and that man were born in her.”


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