Look For God’s New Thing

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Behold I do a  New Thing; now it shall spring forth. (Isaiah 43:18,19)

The late afternoons here in wales are dark, its as if God is only doing  8 hour days right now.  Come four o Clock I’m shutting the curtains so I can work on my laptop. I can’t say I like the short days.

Maybe God is giving me a visal aid. Just as we shut the curtains when it gets dark, so too God is bringing to a  close everything that is behind us. The darkness is simply God drawing his curtains on that which is in our past.  Everything!  He’s closing out every memory of it by allowing darkness to come, that way you dont get to see it, but when your eyes are opened the first thing you enter into is another day.

Today’s is God’s gift to you thats why its called the present. When we look to the past we miss the present. Folks who live in the past never get to see the light of day then wonder why they have to faith or fight for tomorrow.  The light of a new day is always  in that which is yet to be experienced. So look ahead, smile big and look for God’s new thing.

The best lies ahead not behind.


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