Have a “god swop” day!

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If your religion don’t change you, change your religion! If your god don’t forgive all your sins, change your god! Why worship a useless god? Maybe you should try the One God that won’t make your life miserable and cause you to be mad at everyone that has a different belief to you! Maybe you should try the one God who you say is not God. Maybe you should call on his name, the name that can heal your troubled mind, deliver you from tormenting spirits, forgive you of every sin and give peace to your soul. Yes, that God!

The ONE GOD. Our GREAT God and Saviour JESUS Christ. The immortal God, the invisible God, the only wise God.. In Him yes in HIM dwells the fullness of the GODHEAD bodily.  All of God is seen in him, God without limits. Himself the Saviour and himself the sacrifice for your Sin. Do you know him?

He has a name called JESUS which means Salvation… NO other god has this name. For there is no other name given under heaven among men by which we must be saved.  The only God who has ever become salvation as a gift and Salvation as a person, yes God HIMSELF in the flesh, LIFE coming to YOU! without measure and limit.

Get rid of a god that don’t work and call on the God that does! Right now call on JESUS, get on your knees and say “Jesus!” Just call on his name, that’s right call on his name. Let the God who is God be God and If he IS he will come to you. Keep call JESUS until every evil spirit goes from you and he the Holy Spirit gets within you. The Spirit of Jesus! let him come!  Then go trash your idols and go tell everybody, Jesus has come to you!

(Colossians 2:9 Titus 2:13 Acts 4:12 ).

  1. pastorphilip Avatar

    Great word for the day! There is one part that reminded me of a poem I recited in our church called do you Know Him. Death, Hell and the Grave could not hold Him do you Know Him? be blessed!

  2. Bishop O.W. Prince Avatar

    What A Coincidence? I was just musing about this very subject. Awesome Word!

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