Go Do The Ridiculous

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Go Do The Ridiculous

Your life is as big as your faith. We as Believers dont  have to “get a life” as the world says, LIFE is what we as believers already have! What we have to do to make life better is take on challenges that other’s label “impossible.” It’s these extraordinary steps of faith that adds to one’s life,  so with that in mind, let me ask, what’s your next step that others label as “ridiculous?”

Creation was proof that nothing is impossible. The new creation is proof that nothing is impossible with YOU. All things are possible to him that believes (Mark 9:23). If its in you, its for you. If God put it into your spirit, you can birth it into the world.

Now with that in mind, go do the ridiculous!


  1. lamehousewife Avatar

    I think your ridiculous is like my lame:) God bless.

  2. Paul Avatar

    lol…. thats cool! (what you said makes me think more than my blog (lol). Paul.

  3. saintofsorrows Avatar

    Praise the Lord brotha Paul for another great word! I think im gonna get up at the bus stop and tell people how much Jesus loves them=)

  4. Bishop O.W. Prince Avatar

    Some things are so well said that the only response appropriate is “Amen.”

  5. remso Avatar

    Doing the “ridiculous” is what makes me feel alive. Ridiculous = Hearing from the Holy Spirit and acting on it, while ignoring all the possible negativity that may come your way.Sometimes it feels like that.Ozzie

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