8 Keys to Good Blogging

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1. A blog can connect your opinion to your audience
2. A blog can generate healthy discussion, invite people to respond and provide feedback
3. Blogging works when you post consistently. Consistency builds trust, people who trust you will come to you for your advice and opinion.
4. Someone once told me, “no one visits my blog!” I said, “maybe your expectancy is too small.” I explained, what if Bill gates was reading your blog, what if a foreign diplomat or muslim leader was quietly reading your blog posts. What if you didn’t blog that very day they came to read your blog?
5. Blogging experts tell us that it takes 2/3 years of consistent blogging for one to become a recognised expert in one’s subject. It’s like this, If you stop after one month folks assume you know nothing new about your subject. If however you can blog for 2/3 years. you obviously know more than most.
6. Focus on the one thing that you feel passionate about, but talk about other things in order to attract a wider audience.
7. The fun of blogging is connecting, that’s why many quit. It’s not that they don’t enjoy writing but that is no fun when no one connects. Develop a system to connect, virally and socially. See your blog as a connector to achieve a much bigger goal, that of making quality friends, customers or students.
8. Know your mission purpose. write it down.  This is the purpose of my blog……… Your blog is not your goal, it’s just a platform to achieve a much bigger mission purpose. Knowing it helps you keep focused and on track.

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Copyright: 2012 PaulB Thomas. Taken from my new ebook “The Worlds Biggest Pulpit, Your Living Room” available soon in kindle format

  1. pastorphilip Avatar

    Paul I really appreciate what you have said and it has encouraged me greatly! Keep pressing on and keep pressing to the mark of the prize. (The Higher Calling)!

  2. Yomi Olufiade Avatar

    This is great, good advice. Thanks for sharing this. God bless you!

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