Defining What You Do

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Defining what you helps you to know who you really are.  Who you are and what you do go hand in hand and a
man has to know what he is good at in order to know who he really is. To other things go together also when
it comes to defining what we do, self esteem and success. These come from your
achievements and pursuit of incredible things. The greater the degree of challenge
the higher the self esteem and success that can be yours!

Not so many years ago a man expected to
do one job for a lifetime today however he may do several jobs or take on
several careers and indeed the man who does so is considered a mover and
progressive. This requires a great deal of adaptability and on-going commitment
to re-educate yourself every two to three years to up with the necessary skills
required to make you the best in your field.

What you do shape’s your future and your beliefs about what is possible and important to you. Sounds too obvious, until we get too many ideas turned into too many projects. It’s important to define what unlocks passion then you can define your mission and go for it. It all begins with the one thing that solves the “wandering,” Once discovered settle down to learing then not so obvious,then go make it your big adventure.

Renavigating Your Edge?

Find your own thing by all means get inspiration from others but You have something within you that’s unique. Just find it bit by bit! So go for the original, always!

Be adventurous and try. The more daring it is the bigger your confidence
will get. Try new things and only begin new things if it challenges you
to do better than yesterday 

Master your profession. Make a lifestyle out of solving problems others run from.

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