Where is He That is Born King?


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Where is he that is born King
(Matthew 2:2).

What man is there that has ever been born king?

Human royalty had its beginnings in war and confrontation, this king however was king at his birth, the moment he became flesh and dwelt among us!

Where does royalty come from? Can one really have royal blood?

Both biology and history teaches us otherwise. Human royalty began with one who was celebrated as a ruler, as a result of fighting a battle and being crowned as king by his followers. Royalty, a term that later arose out of a lineage of warriors who fought and won battles for the country of the Anglos, what we today call England.

Cerdic in 470 an Anglo strongman who conquered and controlled Wessex, became king of Wessex. Egbert (829) became the first King of England, while William the conqueror is considered founder of the royal dynasty. Thirty one generations later Elizabeth 2nd today is monarch of such a tradition.

Posessors of this mystical royalty came to bear their own image, rights and rule. They were as described by Clifford Longley who write the book “Chosen people”s as “larger than life, more honest more intelligent, more beautiful and privileged. They were above criticism!”

The actual custom of the crowning of the king or queen goes back to the first Roman emperor after Constantine. How much of a distraction Rome has been since! An alternative royalty with an alternative kingdom, an alternative rule and and alternative salvation.

God had chosen, established and
ordained his own kingship on earth to oversee man’s well being. 

Kingship is God’s Idea God set kings acording to his divine plan and

Kingship Begins With God, His Blood and His Throne

Kingship began with God then he choose man. Israel’s first King was David. History however left God’s pLan and ways for royalty. Since Constantine the
roman church with its alternative religious beliefs that are contrary to
that of the apostles sought to be that Lord and king and work with the
monarchy whether Catholic or Protestant. Man quickly
forgot the God that became flesh and dwelt among us. He himself and he
alone was the only one, born king.

as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of
God, even to them that believe on his name: those “Which were born, not
of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of

many may celebrate a man made royalty, we as believers focus on royalty
that is self existant and eternal, dwelling in the heavens. Our God and
Saviour Christ Jesus.  He gives man, all men rich and poor men, lowly
and humble men, status which no other can confer upon us and what a
privilege it is to be his

The word became flesh..” (John 1:12-14) God become king and dwelt among us. this king is among us.  He it is that declares, “He has made us kings and priests” (Revelation 1:6) .

unlike all human royalty are born kings and priest’s, conquerors at
birth. Those born of God overcome the world. We are born overcomers. The
new birth is a crowning event, a coronation, where we as a nation of
crowned people, become part of a royal dynasty.  He passes on to us,
royalty that is forever. Its dimensional, of the spirit, its eternal,
live forever. it’s divine, born of God. its incorruptable, exists
without mans approval or sustenance.

When the world celebrates
that which is man made the Church of God celebrates that which is
eternal. We enter a royal house through the new birth, a new reign by
the new man, called salvation. He has made us kings and priests unto

The world awaits a response to the its most rehearsed question at this time of year. Where is he that is born king?


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