How Leaders Seize the Day

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Work is not the challenge to  a
winner, keeping a positive mindset is! but its a habit that you can
master. In work, dont impress, engage! Dont boss, lead. Dont brag,
build! Dont contol, bring freedom. Bring life to those around you, add
value and contribute. When making decisions, be prepared to take bigger
risks and invest in bigger things. that way you will expand your actions
as well as your belief system

When the next day arrives wear
different clothes. Walk with a new smile and talk with a new praise. The
best leaders are praisers! that’s how leaders seize the day! One praise
at a time.

You have to wake up winning then you have to walk to work as if youre day has already been won by you!

Its important to
be HIGHLY positive. For the benefit of your own success and the success
of those around you. Get up every morning and thank God for a new day.
If its not “new” to you then that is a problem that will master your
edge in the creative field. If praise is lacking, you will most likely
be unable to give appreciation to those you work with let alone to the
one who births newness on a daily basis.

Seize your Time make memorable moments

Seize Your Thoughts, Take no counsel with your fears

Seize Your Mountain. Take Big steps in little places

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