To Be “The Greatest” You Have To Be “The Only One!”

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Our Great God and Saviour Jesus Christ (Titus 2:13).

Muhammad Ali has just celebrated his birthday, I used to follow him as a kid, the “greatest” they called him. When he was introduced he was introduced as “the one and only.” Of course if you’re the greatest, you alone can be the only one, that’s great!

When we talk of Ali being “great” he was great at what he does, boxing! He wasn’t great as a leader or businessman or anything else, just great at boxing. But when we talk of Jesus, as a “Great God and Savior,” only Jesus can be both Great as both man and God. Man can be great as a man but only Jesus can be great as both man and God!

Is Jesus the greatest God? Only if he’s the only God! because “God” by mere definition of the word “God,” must be the only one of his kind. You can’t have two or more great God’s. If Jesus is God then he himself alone must be God. Now as God he said, there was no other, as God he said, there was none beside him or co equal to him. (Is 44:22 40;25). Only God can say, there is no other like him.  As God he himself was his own Father, now no other God has become both Son and Father. No other god or man, prophet or leader has ever been “God” in the flesh, all other men had father’s, Jesus himself was the Father,  God with us. (Is 9:6. Jn 8:27,28). To be the greatest, Jesus could not have been a god as in one of many, but the God, as in, the only one of his kind.

To be the greatest you have to be one of a kind in fact only God can be the only one of his kind.  Which means greatness is never in reference to one among many, but always in reference  the one who alone is “himself” God!… To be the greatest, you have to be the only one!


  1. saintofsorrows Avatar

    Praise God this is good meat! Well put and as He was sent He has sent us to do a great work as the salt of the earth! Amen

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