Is your blog an open door?

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Years ago, folks in our village used to keep their doors open so that the neighbors could  come on in whenever they wanted a chat. It was convenient and showed the trust we had between each other.

The online Community is like that, it’s an open door, but is your blog an open door?

* If you have or comments enabled, your blog is an open door
* If you have a personal picture of you and not one of WordPress I can get to know you, you have an open door
* If you have an about page with details of who you are and your personal name rather than a nickname,  that’s a sign you want to be a friend and have a genuine interest in connecting. That’s an open door!
* If you show the comments of other and build conversation, you have an open door.

No matter how great your house looks from the inside or grand the content is on the inside if your door is not open, you wont get any visitors. Online the open door draws the neighbors….

….Come on In!


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